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Portable Lumen and lux Spectrum Analyzer

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Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:200 piecesWarranty(Year):2 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:13.85 cmWidth:8.1 cm
  • Height:2.3 cmLogistics Weight:0.430 kg/piece
  • Packaging:1 piece

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:HOPOOCOLOR

Product Description

OHSP-350series handheld spectral colorimeter illuminance meter set of measurement function Spectrum, illumination, chromaticity, light flicker in one. Using 5 inch screen, the measurement parameters and curves are displayed in real time. It is convenient  to use and can be directly tested in the lighting field.Not only measurable LED wide spectrum light source, but also can measure the narrow spectrum light sources, such as CFL, HID, and so on.It can also be used to test the environmental light of stage design, building light, plant growth lamp, engineering application and so on.


Long telephoto optical system, the optical resolution of 2nm, a wider wavelength range, mainly measure the light source;

automatic zeroing technology and Electronic shutter Technology, Integral time 50μs10000ms ,both stronger  and weaker light signal can be measured

Fast switchgearone key test;

5 "IPS high definition LCD touch screen

Large battery capacity, Test usage time more than  24 hours time;

350M spectrometer 


Test interface


Measuring parameters:

1. CCT Tc (K) and Blackbody deviation Duv

2. light illumination E (LX), candlelight E (Fc) Spectral irradiance Ee (W/m2)

3. chromaticity coordinates (x, y), (U, V), (U ', V')

4. relative spectral power distribution P (lambda)

5. color index Ra, Ri (i=1 ~ 15)

6. color tolerance SDCM

7. Dominant wavelengths, peak wavelengths

8. Visual ratio of light and shade S/P

9. color purity, red ratio, green ratio, blue ratio, CIE1931 three basic color stimulus value X, Y, Z

10. PAR ,PPFD, YPFD, radiation of Eb \Ey \Er \Erb \Ep, Kppfv

11. light source flicker frequency Hz, modulation depth, flicker percentage, flicker index, risk hints

12., Blu ray hazard weighted irradiance (mW/m2), Blu ray irradiance ratio (mW/lm), safe and allowed time of irradiation (S), hazard level

13. Rf, Rg (TM-30 chromaticity parameters)

14.Luminous flux (LM), radiation flux (W) and light effect (lm/W)


A、 technical indicators

Light splitting platform

Long focal length optical system

Range of illuminance




Range of color temperature


spectral resolution


x,y Accuracy


@ Under the condition of standard A light source 2856K and illuminance 10000lx





Sensor array points


Accuracy of illumination


Zeroing mode

Auto zeroing

Chromaticity accuracy


Integral time


Wavelength accuracy


LCD Display

5 "IPS high definition LCD touch screen

Wavelength data output interval




AD Resolving power


Measurement mode

Single / continuous


Simplified / traditional / English 

Exposure mode

Auto / manual

File save

8GB SD Card 

Data display mode

All parameters can be displayed up and down

Probe window

? 10mm 


SDCM Color tolerance

Continuous working time


Circular graph of color rendering index

Battery capacity



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